Cecilia Trini — an interview

Cecilia Trini

Cecilia is a professional tango teacher and pilates instructor from Argentina. She taught at the Pasión Por Tango studio in 2010 and we are very lucky that she decided to return again to share her expertise with us in 2012.

What got you into tango?

My mama is a dancer too (tango and jazz), so that's how I got to know tango. I started to dance in 2001 with an old boyfriend. With him we won a championship in Rosario, my home town.

What do you love about tango, or what does tango mean to you?

I love tango because it is a dance with character. And I can feel free when I dance. I love the way you connect with other people and complement them (and you usually do not even know them)!

How long have you been teaching tango for?

I have been teaching since 2002.

Which tango dancers have you learnt from, or who inspire you?

I really enjoy taking classes with different teachers, because everyone has something to tell you! But my first teacher was Diego Perez, Beatriz Mendoza from Rosario, and (of course) my mother. The dancers who inspire me are Julio y Corina! They are wonderful.

Which style(s) of tango would you say you dance and/or teach?

I would say: My style!

What are your classes like?

I try to make the students feel that tango is not a choreographed dance. I try to encourage them through learning technique to find their own way of dancing and feeling the tango. I try to help them enjoy learning!

Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring tango dancers?

Tango is a social dance which is to enjoy and have a good time!

Cecilia Trini
February 2012

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