Past TangoClub Events in 2010

In 2010, TangoClub focussed on enhancing the dancing experience for the tango community, in particular organising open-air and elegant milongas at beautiful venues. We also engaged in a TangoBomb, a semi-spontaneous mini-dance in a public place, which was not advertised, to stimulate interest and surprise.

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TangoClub Events in 2010

TangoGlam milonga at vineyard restaurant

We celebrated the Labour Weekend with a glamorous dinner and dance on Saturday 23 October 2010, which was held at Plume in the Heron's Flight vineyard. Everyone appreciated the delicious and well-presented food in a beautiful setting. Some even danced outside under a full moon to our DJ Stephan's refreshing assortment of music. A night to remember!

Milonga dancing Dancers swaying to the music Dancing outside

TangoClub weekend milonga with music game

On Friday 23 July 2010, TangoClub held a milonga with a little game. To deepen knowledge and interest in tango music, we gave participants descriptions of four orchestras. Two tandas were then selected as "special tandas" and all music within each tanda would be from one particular orchestra. Based on the information provided at the beginning of the evening, dancers had to work out what music was being played, and those who gave the correct name for both special tandas were eligible for a little prize. Congratulations to the winner of the draw, Martyn Atack.

Milonga decorations Projector at milonga showing music playing

Free beginners tango class with Antony and Jessye Purcell

Antony and Jessye not only introduced students to the basics of tango on Friday 23 July 2010, with exercises in posture and walking, but also taught them how to do the slightly more advanced forward ochos.

Students in class Antony and Jessye Purcell

Free beginners tango class with Grant and Karyn Fromont

Grant and Karyn started with some very basic exercises to introduce people to tango on Sunday 25 April 2010. After a quick demo of the dance, students were invited to simply walk side by side with another person in time with the music. As the class progressed, couples learnt to walk facing each other with the only connection being the followers' hands on the leaders' chests, before finally ending with the tango embrace.

Grant and Karyn Fromont Walking exercise

Open-air practilonga in St. Patrick's Square

We wanted to make the most of the summer weather, so instead of holding our usual practica in the Domain, we decided to run a practilonga on Sunday 28 February 2010 in St. Patrick's Square. Thanks to those dancers who still made the effort to join us, despite the Lantern Festival being on at the same time!

Dancing in St Patricks Square Practilonga in St Patricks Square

Free beginners tango class with Cecilia Trini

TangoClub's first free class of the year was taught by Cecilia Trini, a professional tango teacher from Argentina. Held in St. Patrick's Square on Sunday 28 February 2010, the basic 8-step was introduced, followed an explanation by how to lead the steps. Cecilia encouraged the students not to focus on the steps, however, but to feel the music and to enjoy moving with their partner.

Cecilia teaching Students practising

Open-air tango in the Viaduct

On Wednesday 24 February 2010, TangoClub invited fellow tangueros to dance outside Café Limon on Princes Wharf, enjoying beautiful views across the harbour as the sun set. With good food and drink available from the restaurant, it was a very pleasant way to spend a summer evening indeed.

Dancing by the harbour Tango tonight! Dancing by the restaurant

Open-air milonga in St. Patrick's Square

TangoClub organised an open air milonga at the stunning St. Patricks Square on Friday 29 January 2010, as Maida was not having her usual milonga, and we wanted to make the most of the beautiful summer weather. This popular lunch spot transformed into a place of wonder at night, and the experience of dancing by a cascading water feature with St. Patricks Cathedral and the Sky Tower as a backdrop was an experience not to be missed. Towards the end of the evening, there was even a surprise fire poi performance by two very talented young people.

Milonga at St Patricks Square Milonga at night Fire poi demonstration

TangoBomb outside Westfield downtown

On Thursday 21 January 2010, a few dancers showed the public what Argentine tango looks like outside the Westfield downtown complex.

Spectators Dances at TangoBomb