Past TangoClub Events in 2008

TangoClub's major event in 2008 was hosting the New Zealand Tango Championship, part of the International Tango Congress of New Zealand. We also offered six free beginners tango classes and organised tango demonstrations in public places to encourage more people to take up the beautiful dance of tango.

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TangoClub Events in 2008

Free beginners tango class with Antony Purcell and Jessye Monique

TangoClub organised its last free tango class for the year on Sunday 30 November 2008. Teachers Antony and Jessye began with demonstrating what tango looks like to students, then taught the basic sideways and forward steps while stressing the importance of leading and following. The class finished with a "competition" in which the leaders stood in a circle with their eyes shut and embraced each follower in turn. The winner would be the leader with the best, most comfortable embrace as voted by the followers.

Antony and Jessye Helping students in class Embracing exercise

TangoClub farewell dinner and milonga

To celebrate what we have achieved this year and to farewell three of our members who are about to head off overseas (Stephan, Era and Isabel), we had a dinner and dance on Saturday 22 November 2008. Thanks to those who joined us, and to everyone who has supported us throughout the year!

TangoClub farewell dinner Dancing afterwards TangoClub members who are leaving, and others

TangoClub's third weekend milonga

On Friday 31 October 2008, TangoClub held a special post-congress milonga. As it would normally have been Maida's scheduled night, we held her usual birthday dance in her honour.

Dancing at our milonga

Free beginners tango class with Craig (Sooty) Love

Our fifth free tango class was taught by Sooty on Sunday 26 October 2008 as part of the International Tango Congress weekend. Students in the fun and energetic class started off with connection exercises before learning how to make their dancing more musical and creative.

Sooty teaching beginners Connection exercise

Free beginners tango class with Ekin (Aki) Sakin

Half a day after becoming the 2008 New Zealand Tango Salon champion, Aki proved on Saturday 25 October 2008 that she was as good a teacher as she was a dancer. Students in our fourth free beginners tango class, some taking a tango class for the first time ever, learnt to walk in single and double time, and were introduced to the concept of parallel and cross systems and how to switch between the two.

Warm up walk

New Zealand Tango Championship and Milonga

TangoClub had the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the tango community on Friday 24 October 2008, when we hosted the New Zealand Tango Championship as part of the International Tango Congress of New Zealand. Saint David's Church Hall was transformed into a place of wonder for the night, as beautiful dancers in the categories of milonga, salon and stage tango took their turn to convince the judges that they were the best in New Zealand.

And the results were... (drumroll please):

MilongaTango de salónStage tango
1st place Joanne Wickliffe and Zaman Kamry (Auckland/Melbourne)
Joanne Wickliffe and Zaman Kamry
Ekin McDonald and Peter Jackson (Christchurch)
Ekin McDonald and Peter Jackson
John Flower and Felicity Rogers (Auckland)
John Flower and Felicity Rogers
2nd place Ekin McDonald and Peter Jackson (Christchurch)
Ekin McDonald and Peter Jackson
Antony Purcell and Jessye Monique (Auckland)
Antony Purcell and Jessye Monique
David and Nicola Wenborn (Christchurch)
David and Nicola Wenborn
3rd place Era Soukhin and Stephan Resch (Auckland)
Era Soukhin and Stephan Resch
Martyn Atack and Vikki Brannagan (Auckland)
Martyn Atack and Vikki Brannagan
Antony Purcell and Jessye Monique (Auckland)
Antony Purcell and Jessye Monique

Congratulations to all the competitors...


... and to the judges (Jairo Rivera, Nancy Louzan and Damian Esell) and MC Alan King for their great work.

Judges MC Alan King

Non-competitors were very glad of the chance to dance as well.

Trophies Milonga

A big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen: Era for coordinating the championship event; Stephan and Isabel for staying up late to arrange beautiful music for us to dance to; Grant and Karyn for not only coming early to help us set up, but also providing all sorts of necessary equipment such as the sound system; Manu, Nina, Sarah, and Shaz in addition to those already mentioned for helping in the hall set-up and running of the event; Erica for being our wonderful photographer; Cecile for organising the Congress, of course; and everyone else who supported us.

NZ Tango Congress 2008

Free beginners tango class with Maida Zanaboni Doleman

We had our third free beginners tango class for the general public on Tuesday 16 September 2008. The teacher Maida introduced the concept of disassociation and explained the technique behind doing simple steps such as the cross, or cruzada. After the class, the students had a special treat—visiting teachers Murat and Michelle Erdemsel gave a beautiful demonstration of how to dance with grace and elegance.

Maida explains tango technique Students practising tango

Open-air tango at Freyberg Place

TangoClub and supporters took to the streets again on Saturday 13 September 2008, this time dancing at the beautiful Freyberg Place. Hopefully some members of the public will take an interest and begin learning tango!

Dancing at Freyberg Place

Free beginners milonga class with Cecile and Nigel Bale

The second of six free beginners tango lessons funded by the Auckland City Council Creative Communities took place on the afternoon of Sunday 31 August 2008, before our Práctica in the Park. The day was sunny but the wind was chilly, so teachers Cecile and Nigel kept the students moving by teaching them the basic steps to milonga, which (for those of you who don't know) is related to tango but is generally quicker and more upbeat.

Giving milonga a go Students listening to Nigel and Cecile

TangoClub's second weekend milonga

We received a lot of positive feedback for our first weekend milonga, so when a weekend came along in August where none of the teachers were organising something, we jumped at the chance. No games this time, but people who turned up were treated to a special tango animation at our milonga on Saturday 23 August 2008.

Free beginners tango nuevo class with Diego Echenique

Members of the public were invited to give tango a go on the evening of Saturday 23 August 2008, before our second weekend milonga. First of six free beginners tango lessons funded by the Auckland City Council Creative Communities, Diego Echenique's introduction to tango nuevo was a great success, with over 50 students in attendance. Diego and Liza gave a demonstration of tango nuevo after the class, and a number of students were inspired to stay for the milonga which followed. We were also pleasantly surprised to find some children in attendance: the next generation of tango dancers is here!

Students in the class Diego and Liza giving a demonstration of tango nuevo

Open-air tango in Aotea Square

To help promote our free tango classes and and tango in general, the tango teachers of Auckland were invited to join us for some open-air dancing in the food stall area of the Aotea Square Market. Fortunately it wasn't raining, and we managed to hand out all our flyers in the space of about an hour. Thanks to everyone who turned up at short notice, on the same day as our weekend milonga.

A big thanks also to Hazel Babbington and the rest of the staff of the Aotea Square Markets for letting us dance there and providing support, from playing our tango music to looking after us when a busker nearly drowned us out!

Dancing in Aotea Square Dancing in Aotea Square

TangoClub's first weekend milonga

On Friday 25 July 2008, TangoClub ran its very first weekend milonga on Maida's allocated date while she got her New York tango fix. More traditional tango music was played than at TangoBar, and we also threw in a couple of games to replace Maida's birthday dance.

Our first weekend milonga