Past TangoClub Events

TangoClub has held a number of special events apart from our regular milongas and practicas, from free tango classes for beginners to the New Zealand Tango Championship.

Past events in 2010
Past events in 2009
Past events in 2008

TangoClub Events in 2011

TangoClub did not run many special events in 2011, partly because of individual commitments of the committee members, and partly because with the closing of Pasión Por Tango's downtown studio, we ended up running monthly milongas.

Free beginners tango class with Simona Zaino

TangoClub held a free introductory tango class on Sunday 29 May 2011, to encourage the public to give tango a go. We were fortunate to be able to ask a professional tango teacher from Dublin, Simona, to run the class, which had a great turnout. Students learnt basic walking technique and how to lead and follow—hopefully the start of many years of tango to come.

Simona teaching Tango class exercise

Open-air practilonga in St. Patrick's Square

As our last practilonga was such a fantastic experience, we had another one on Sunday 27 March 2011. Once again, we had the opportunity to dance in the breeze, with water splashing in the background and the outline of the Skytower looking over.

Practilonga Dancing Feet

Open-air practilonga in St. Patrick's Square

TangoClub's practilonga on Sunday 27 February 2011 in St. Patrick's Square was a beautiful start to the year, with the sunny weather holding despite weather reports to the contrary. Dancers were able to enjoy their favourite pasttime while the sun slowly set.

Dancing in St Patricks Square Practilonga in St Patricks Square