Milongas in Auckland

In Auckland, there are weekly milongas on weeknights at various bars and restaurants (unfortunately now down to one venue). These have free entry, though out of courtesy you should purchase at least some drinks. In addition, tango teachers run larger milongas once or twice a month. These are generally held in larger halls and cost $15, with drinks and nibbles included.

Keep track of these milongas by checking out our tango events calendar.

Free Weekly Milongas

If you want to see some tango in Auckland for free, in a small and cozy environment, go to one of the places listed below on the night shown. This is a great opportunity to introduce your non-dancing friends to tango!


Café Limon

Shop 6, Shed 23, Princes Wharf,
Auckland CBD

This used to be from 8:30pm, but Wednesday night dancing often now starts around 9 or 10pm, finishing when people go home, around 11:30pm or midnight.

Picture of Cafe Limon Map: Café Limon

Larger Milongas

The larger milongas are great because people don't have to work the next day and you can get a solid three hours of dancing in if you are so inclined. Food and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price, and the spread on the table makes for a festive atmosphere. There is also obviously more space and more people at these milongas than at the free weekly ones in the bars and restaurants.

Some teachers have special events at their milongas. For instance, Maida's milongas (Zanaboni) are famous for the 'birthday dance', where all the people who had their birthday in the milonga month get danced with by others in the community 'cutting in' to dance with them (a birthday boy gets to dance with multiple women in one song and vice versa).

Carl - first Friday
Host: Carl (El Tango) Map: Pasión Por Tango Studio
Contact: Carl Robson
E: carl@eltango.co.nz
P: +64 9 630 6306
M: +64 21 280 4464
Location: Pasión Por Tango Studio
Parisian Building
4 Poynton Terrace
Auckland CBD
Price: $15*
Time: 9pm - 12:30am
Dates: First Friday of each month.
Sheldon y Carolina - first Saturday
Host: Sheldon y Carolina Map: The Loft Studio
Contact: Sheldon Benito
E: sheldonYcarolina@gmail.com
P: +64 9 369 1419
M: +64 21 063 4678
Location: The Loft Dance Studios
3 Korma Lane
Note: parking and main entrance via Basin View Lane, Panmure (white building across carpark)
Price: $15*
Time: 9pm - 1am
Dates: First Saturday of each month, with the exceptions below.
Milonga in June moved to Saturday 8 June 2013 (second Saturday).
Extra milongas: Friday 24 May and 22 November 2013.
Casatango - second Friday
Host: Casatango Map: Viva Latino Studio
Contact: Nigel & Cecile Bale
P: +64 9 482 3394
M: +64 21 482 339
Location: Viva Latino Studio
10 Newton Road
Price: $15*
Time: 9pm - 12:30am
Dates: Second Friday of each month.
Pasión Por Tango - third Friday
Host: Pasión Por Tango Map: Pasión Por Tango Studio
Contact: Elsa Palmer
E: elsapalmer@gmail.com
M: +64 21 038 5230
Location: Pasión Por Tango Studio
Parisian Building
4 Poynton Terrace
Auckland CBD
Price: $15*
Time: 8:30pm - 11:30pm
Dates: Third Friday of each month.
Zanaboni Tango - last Friday
Host: Zanaboni Map: Jubilee Building
Contact: Maida Zanaboni Doleman
P: +64 9 575 8245
M: +64 21 230 6991
Location: Jubilee Building
545 Parnell Rd
Price: $15*
Time: 9pm - 12:30am
Dates: Last Friday of every month, with exceptions below.
Christmas Milonga on Friday 20 December 2013.
* includes drinks and nibbles