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Pure Dance—The Ballet Barre
Downtown shop with shoes for many different dance styles. Their experience will help you choose the shoes you want.

Dance Pasion Ltd
John and Felicity now sell the sexy Comme Il Faut heels from their home showroom.

Live Band

Cachaça Duo
Cachaça Duo comprises a violin and guitar combination, formerly of the 6-member band Tango55.

Festivals and Events

tangoauckland mailing list
Mailing list with notices for Argentine tango events in Auckland.

New Zealand Tango Festival
The New Zealand Tango Festival is held in Wellington around May or June each year, with workshops taught by international instructors, performances, milongas, and more.

International Tango Festivals
Links to websites of tango festivals around the world.

Tango in New Zealand

Information about tango in New Zealand, particularly in Christchurch.

Website for tango in Wellington. Also has some information about tango in other places around the country.

Tango Nelson
Centre for the tango community in Nelson.

Tango in Argentina

Official Tourism Site of the City of Buenos Aires
A useful guide to Buenos Aires, including information on where to learn and dance tango.

Tango World Championships
Not much information here until closer to championship time, held annually in August. A Tango Festival runs concurrently in Buenos Aires, so you can revel in tango even if you are not the competitive type.

Tango Worldwide

Directories of where to dance tango around the world.

Tango Interest Websites

Tango and Chaos in Buenos Aires
A free online book, very fascinating to read. Rick McGarrey shares his stories and advice about life and dancing in Buenos Aires. Learn about tango history, etiquette and more.

Todo Tango
Useful site for finding lyrics of old tangos, information about influential musicians, and so forth.

An extensive overview of neotango, tango nuevo, tango fusion and alternative tango, with links to venues around the world.

Tango Argentino de Tejas
Contains a number of very interesting articles about Argentine tango, from tango history to the tango experience. Excellent music and advice for the DJ.

Great information about tango history, music and dancers, with lots of pictures.

Ernesto's Tango Page
Bunch of links for tango music, books, movies, teachers, etc. compiled by another tango enthusiast.


National Geographic Magazine's Sights & Sounds: And Still They Tango
A Flash presentation giving you a brief introduction to the influence of the different immigrants to Argentina and the role tango has in the lives of Argentineans. Entrance to the milongas costs more than a dollar these days though.

12 Tangos (2005)
A documentary about the tango scene in Buenos Aires today. You can watch the trailers and excerpts before purchasing the film.